“I’ve lived in Peterborough for 25 years and love this town. Moving into a retirement community was something I saw in my future, especially after my husband died.  While it is a major decision, I’m happy I’ve chosen Scott-Farrar with its long history of caring for seniors and the beautiful new community they are building in downtown. I’ve looked at other communities throughout the state, but I don’t want to leave everything I hold dear like my friends, swimming at the Wellness Center, my church and everything that is so familiar and comforting.”
Ann Fitzgerald, Peterborough


“I’m thrilled about the new Scott-Farrar community which continues its long and rich history of offering seniors exceptional and personalized care. Over the years, I’ve been intimately involved with Scott-Farrar as a nurse, Board member, and the daughter of a former resident.  When my dad was living, he was their Number One cheerleader, and I’m pleased to say that Phil and I are on the priority wait list for the new community and will someday proudly call Scott-Farrar our new home.”
Jane Blanchard, Peterborough


“What is truly unique about Scott-Farrar at Peterborough is the fact that it’s within walking distance to downtown Peterborough and has many different apartment design options with interior design features that are absolutely gorgeous. Another very exciting fact is that the building when completed will be the most code compliant senior living community in New Hampshire.  The DEW/MacMillin team who is building this construction project has extensive experience in developing senior living communities. A lot of heartfelt work has gone into this new community, because we work closely with the subcontractors, architects and owner representatives as a team to make this project a real success. Our team is planning on finishing Scott-Farrar at Peterborough by late Summer and look forward to welcoming new residents in the Fall.”
Kristin Fortin, Construction Project Manager, DEW/MacMillin


“Early in the design phase of planning the new Scott-Farrar community, we felt strongly that our memory care community should be built around a beautifully designed horticulture therapy garden. We didn’t have to go far to find one of the country’s most well-renowned memory garden architects.  Rob Hoover, of HBLA in Portsmouth, NH, has designed over 100 health-related therapeutic landscapes and gardens.  His firm is committed to the art and science of site and landscape design to maximize and improve health outcomes (mind, body & spirit) for seniors. “The Scott-Farrar Memory Garden will feature a looping walkway system with a patio and sitting areas for groups and privacy,” notes Rob. “The entire garden is designed around therapy, and there will be spaces for future horticulture, physical, rememberance , and medical therapy.  We’ll be using “best practices” such as coloring of the concrete which softens the sun’s glare, and at all times residents and staff will be able to see the entrance door from anywhere in the garden. This promotes independences and gives the staff peace of mind. This type of therapeutic garden can promote activities and exercise, stimulate social interaction, and provide sensory stimulation.”
Rob Hoover, President, HBLA


“Scott-Farrar is a unique and exciting project for EGA for several reasons. The project is unique in its composition of 25 Independent Living apartments; 20 Assisted Living apartments; and 18 Memory Care suites. This represents a very modest program for a viable Multi-level Residential Care Facility. The re-use of the existing Scott-Farrar property is exciting which allows the new community to capture the scenic views of Mt. Monadnock, the Nubanusit Brook, and historic Elm Street, while still maintaining a connection to downtown Peterborough. The siting of the building takes advantage of the topography for both Scott-Farrar and the neighborhood by “stepping” the building into the slope, limiting the overall building height, and providing multiple levels. The exterior is designed using simple building forms composed of individual building elements and materials consistent with that of the neighborhood.”
Steve Humphrey, Architect, EGA


“A wonderful aspect of Scott-Farrar at Peterborough is that it has been envisioned and designed to feel just like ‘Home’– and a unique one at that.  The interior environments at Scott-Farrar are where life will be enjoyed by residents, their families and guests.  We’ve carefully crafted beautiful, comfortable and practical interiors for our senior residents. The new building’s living areas and suites are filled with natural light from large windows, many which provide expansive views of Peterborough and Mount Monadnock. The connection to town’s beautiful setting is strong and inspiring.

Warm wood tones, colors and fabrics of the comfortably furnished interiors of Scott-Farrar evoke the casual elegance of a local Bed and Breakfast. Here you can find a cozy spot to relax by a fireplace or enjoy chatting with neighbors on a porch in the early summer dusk. The residential scale of the new building’s spaces allows for a sense of privacy which is desirable in a multi-level community.  Naturally as social interaction is a key to life at Scott-Farrar at Peterborough we’ve also created common spaces that foster friendship, such as inviting lounges and a Café; arranged for easy conversation.

Fishbrook Design Studio is delighted to be a part of the Scott-Farrar Design Team. I’m impressed by the commitment and expertise that the group brings to this relevant, exciting project. I’m proud to be contributing to the future lifestyle of Scott-Farrar’s residents.”
Kristin Naumann, Fishbrook Design Studio